Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions? We have glorious answers! You will smile, cry, take deep breaths and then call your mother to say "I love you" after you've gotten done reading our answers. Wisdom? YYYYYUP! We'll try to throw a little bit of the good stuff your way and hopefull you'll find the answer you need. If for some odd reason we haven't answered your question, you can Contact Us and we can further delve into your mysterious query.

Problems with the game

" My game keeps crashing! HELP!"
We are very sorry to hear about your game crashing, I am heartfelt about that. It’s pretty annoying. But we are not affiliated with the creators of the game. There is nothing that we can do to fix this issue. I recommend reaching out to in game support.
"Help I can’t sign into my game account!"
We are not affiliated with the creators of the game. We do not have access to any game accounts. I recommend contacting the creators, or reaching out for help in the games official forums.
" I uninstalled my game by accident! How do I get it back?"
If you game is connected to Game Center or Facebook, as long as you did not remove it from either one of these accounts, you should be able to re install the game using your Game Center ID info or your Facebook login information. If the problem persists, contact the creators of the game.
"I bought gems and they are not showing up on my account!"
Once again, this is an in game issue. We do not handle ingame issues. Contact the creators of the game. Tell them you want your damn gems!
" I can’t sign in to my Game Center account! What do I do?"
Once again our Network stands alone. We are not affiliated with Apple, you need to contact them directly to help with your issues.

Problems with the site

" How do I change my User Name?"
There isn’t a way to change your username. Make sure you choose one carefully when you sign up for Neggs Network.
"Why can’t I comment?"
Always remember to login. We have restricted certain parts of the site for community use only. If you are logged in and still can’t comment, contact us via support ticket. Be as specific as possible. Please include the device you are using as well as the browser type.
" I need to edit a post or comment that I have created."
Currently the site does not allow users to edit. If you have something that you needed to be edited contact us via support with a link to where you posted. Make sure you include what you would like to change or add.

"I sent a support ticket and got no response!"
We try to answer everyone's inquires in a timely fashion. If you have sent a support ticket, be sure to add in your contact information. If you sent a ticket with your email and you feel you didn't get a response, keep an eye on your spam folder in your email. Being that we have never exchanged emails, it may be seen as spam.
"Why can’t I post a link in the forums?"
Our Network currently does not allow link posting in forums for several reasons. One being that we don’t want people spamming. Another, is that we don’t want any irrelevant content linked on our site. If you have a link that you think will be helpful to the community, send a support ticket with the link and what you would like to post. We will review both your post and the link, if seen as viable, it will be added to the site.

Conversations and Messages

"Can I message more then one person at a time?"
Coming soon to a theater near you!
"Can I turn off my messenger?"
That is currently not an option. If you are being harassed in anyway, just let admin know and we will handle the issue for you.
"Ccan I message everyone in my clan?"
We are not linked to the game. So no, at this current time you cannot message everyone in your clan. We will be adding group messaging soon!
"I had a conversation with another user but now its gone, what gives?"
Either user can delete the conversation at their leisure so if it's not there anymore, the other user you were talking with most likely deleted it. Scorn them forever.


"What is credibility?"
Contributing to the site, if the community feels your contribution is useful you may gain more points. Depending on the amount of points you accrued you will gain a valiant title!
"How do earn credibility?"
Contributing to the site, if the community feels your contribution is useful you may gain more points.
"Can I spend my credibility?"
No, it's just a fun ranking system, not a currency.
"Do I get anything for credibility?"
No just a fun ranking system.
"Why have I submitted guides and received less credibility then others?"
If you guide has been deemed insightful with a new and useful guide you will be awarded points for it. The more popular your guide becomes the more credibility may gain.
"Which pieces of content can earn credibility and how much?"
For me to decide and you to find out! But i can say, if you put a lot of effort in your content you are on your way to gaining more credibility.
"Can I lose credibility"
Yes you can. If you're a jerkface or if our staff has to clean up your mess for being a douchbag you will lose credibility.
"Are there any other ways of gaining credibility?"
We are always coming up with new content to add to the site that will allow to users to contribute more. Contribution means credibility.