Monster Legends Friends

Monster Legends allows you to link friends to your Gamecenter account. In Monster Legends, linking/adding more friends to your own account gives you additional benefits when playing Monster Legends.

Below are several Monster Legends friends. While playing Monster Legends you can link them to your Gamecenter account.

If you have a Neggsnetwork account you can also add yourself to the top of the list. You will remain at the top of the list until someone else adds their handle so if you want to remain at the top, update your position often.

If you'd like to remove a user from the list below, simply double click that username it and it will become invisible for the duration of your activity.

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  • not good
  • youssef mizo
  • Damarie100
  • kris johnston
  • rais dani maulana
  • rfryo1
  • criska
  • Kblan123
  • daffa678
  • Donna willis
  • Adam Lewis
  • Mega Death
  • Fitze
  • jackjack
  • Jacob rinaldi
  • mush murda
  • sylu
  • wahyudwii
  • floflo203
  • JossAdax
  • Konno Shigure
  • snipes618
  • WightSage