Utochomp Monster

Weaknesses Light
Resistances Dark
Available at Level 14
Incubation Time 09:00:00
Rarity Common
Type Dark Nature
Buy 420 Gold
Sell Value 1,400 Gold
XP 10,000 XP
Used in Battles? Yes
Breedable Yes

Utochomp Monster Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Bumblesnout Tyrannoking 5 5 33%
Fayemelina Bloomskips 12 3 20%
Tyrannoking Pandaken 9 3 20%
Blesstle Arnu 4 2 13%
Tyrannoking Sheluke 2 2 13%
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Additional Utochomp Monster Information

The Utochomp is a large bulky omnivore. He uses his huge beak like mouth to grind and crush his foods before swallowing, using the same technique on his enemies too!